NGA a leading solutions development company of the RiskSecure Product Suite with over 40 country implementations established in1999. NGA understands that our clients look for a relationship based on trust and facilitated by regular and open communications. Clients view NGA people as experts in their fields.
NGA aims to build on our strong reputation in the Mobile Money or Wallet marketplace. Our vision is to be the chosen business partner for specialist telecoms advice and insight requirements globally.

To capitalise on the capabilities that NGA has already developed elsewhere in the world and to add to the range of services and solutions that NGA already delivers on the African continent, European and Asian continent we have entered into a joint venture relationship with Inovatmobile in South Africa for managed and consultancy services.

NGA has consistently delivered service excellence to clients globally via systems, methodologies and partnerships that have helped our customers win - time and again.


sixdotred Here’s what sets NGA services apart:

  • Best-in-class people, tools, and processes: Rich domain expertise across multiple industries, cutting-edge technological resources, best of breed of tools and world-class IT experience.
  • A proprietary approach: Our proprietary methodology delivers tangible business benefits and performance-driven IT solutions.
  • Key alliances with global technology leaders: Our alliances with industry leaders and OEMs enable us to offer our clients best-in-class solutions cost-efficiently.
  • Infrastructure Centres of Excellence: On-demand infrastructure and computing services delivered through our Infrastructure COEs help customers slash implementation costs, reduce deployment risks, and optimize IT availability.
  • Flexible delivery and engagement models: To cater to our diverse client base - from multinational corporations to single operations - we offer a wide range of flexible engagement and delivery models.
  • World-class infrastructure: With state-of-the-art infrastructure, NGA offers customers nothing but the best.
    When you choose NGA, you get access to these key differentiators that help us - and in turn, you - succeed. You get more than a solution; you get a competitive advantage.


sixdotred Corporate Responsibility

NGA supports projects and initiatives that underpin our commitment to society within which we operate. Across our core business practices, our propositions and services, and in our engagement with our local projects, we proactively consider and address social, environmental and governance issues that are of concern. Being a responsible sustainable company is therefore essential to how we do business.

Our aspiration not only permeates our core business operation, but also reflects our commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of our society.



sixdotred Stats

checkbox Over 300 years of staff combined Mobile Money/Wallet experienced
checkbox Clients include 6 of the Top 10 Telecoms Companies
checkbox Over 35 million mobile money subscribers monitored daily
checkbox Over 40 global country implementations