Learnership Programme

Growth and Development

The NGA Learnership Programme is primarily focused on creating a stepping stone for all young South Africans who are keen to get into the IT industry, but do not have the financial means to do so.

This is achieved by creating the opportunity to gain work-related experience as well as an IT qualification for a 12 month period.

During this time the Learners are rotated through the various functions and simultaneously work towards obtaining Information Technology Qualification.

Candidates should be able to speak English as an essential language and have to of passed Maths in their Grade 12 year, with distinction it is regarded as an advantage. As part of the learning component, candidates also have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills around technical Information Technology. As support, the Learners are also guided, coached and mentored by NGA managers.

NGA regards the Learnership Programme as a key economic and social enabler as it benefits the candidate, society and the Information Technology Industry as a whole.

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