whypicAt NGA we fully understand that our greatest assets are our people and we look for prospective employees that will build the organisation as the leading global IT Development House for our customers, shareholders, employees and society. NGA seeks employees that will act with integrity, play as a team to deliver excellence, ensuring that we as an organisation continue to add value to our customers by placing them at the centre of everything we do.

NGA’s aim is to have the right person in the right job at the right time, and it embraces diversity of thought, skills and experiences among its people. Diversity can be seen far and wide across the company.
We take pride in the diversity of our workforce as it helps us better understand the needs of our diverse range of customers across the globe and contributes to making NGA the employer of choice.

With employee growth and development at the centre of the NGA philosophy, prospective employees can rest assured that their skills will be fine-tuned and polished to adhere to NGA’s high standards of service delivery. At NGA we recruit, retain and develop employees with leading levels of knowledge, capability and commitment. We ensure that employees get their skills enhanced through practical and technical training in alignment with our focus on developing our leaders. These are some of the many benefits of working for a leading global software development house.