Online Watchlist Monitoring
The RiskSecure OWL strengthens compliance by keeping you in front of evolving global regulations.
It is an end-to-end process for matching any individual or entity against entries on various watchlists.
Using a single interface, the solution delivers rapid screening by leveraging a best-in-class matching algorithm and
access to the latest global watchlists.

There are many watchlists against which an organization may, for regulatory or risk purposes, be required to screen
individuals and entities when initiating a business relationship. These include sanctions lists published by governments
or economic, political, and law enforcement bodies. Lists published by commercial sources, such as politically exposed
person (PEP) lists, and internal blacklists created by companies themselves may also be required for review.

The Data optimization/consolidation process prepares both customer and watchlist data ahead of matching to ensure that any errors and variances in both the structure and content of data are resolved. Matching takes the output from the data optimization module and attempts to determine potential matches between records contained in list data sources and customer data. Those records that exhibit a close match are then presented as matches in an alert for further investigation by the compliance team.

sixdotgreen Benefits

  • Manage and Control Risk in Real Time or Near Real Time.
  • Easily add your own Watchlists to monitor within minutes.
  • Ensure Compliance with Regulations.
  • Control Costs with Rapid Deployment and Implementation.
  • Reduce Workload and Increase work efficiency with Reduced False Positives.
  • Streamline Processes and Improve Operational Efficiencies.