PAR (Process, Archive and Recovery)
The right data integration solution helps you address today’s data problems while giving you a plan for the future.
PAR for Big Data Management. The RiskSecure PAR system is purpose-built for both small as well as Big Data
with big files, providing high-performance and highly scalable .RiskSecure solutions that are cost-effective
and easy to manage so you can concentrate on maximizing revenue, increasing workflow productivity,
and shortening time-to-market. The solutions includes a complete Extract, Transact and Load system.

sixdotpurple Key Features and Benefits

  • Performance - lowest cost for on-line, near-line and offline data processing – your big data requires unparalleled performance and processing
  • Simple - meet your unique business requirements and future Big Data growth demands
  • Flexible - scale capacity and performance independently for growth
  • Get fast access to your data. Quickly access the data you need via a RiskSecure application
  • Gain a single point of control. Unify all RiskSecure applications through a single data platform and save costs.
  • Choice. Available for both Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases

sixdotpurple Stats

Data Processing Capacity
checkbox purple 620 Million Transactions per month.
checkbox purple 1.24 Billion Call data records per month.
checkbox purple 60 Million Customers and growth rate 10 000 new per day.
checkbox purple 200 000 agents and growth of 100 new agents per day

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