We have the Next generation geospatial and visual analytics solution that transform massive volumes of data into
intuitive visual displays everyone in your business can use to make fast informed decisions. Our situational intelligence
software helps you VISUALIZE your operations with absolute clarity, ANALYZE the cause of a problem or potential
opportunities and determine how to best take advantage of them or prevent another occurrence, and ACT instantly
to address any situation.

PureVantage simplifies everyday operations and helps you bring everything into context to
proactively manage your assets, resources and investigative and regulatory requirements.
PureVantage is a Web-based application providing dedicated modules for contributing key information to the exploration
of intelligence stored in PureVantage repositories; enabling faster, informed decision making and empowering collaboration.

sixdotorange Key Capabilities

  • Proactively identify issues and operations
  • Understand liability and risk and determine the cause in a shorter period of time and facilitate remedial action through continuous monitoring
  • Assess transformation and processes over time period historically
  • Filter and Scenario Functions
  • Use colour coding and graphical icons to view data at-a-glance to facilitate a better and easier scenario understanding
  • Seamless integration into database
  • Oracle and Microsoft Sql versions available
  • Statistical functionality and template design functions available
  • Export and Save functionality available
  • View, explore, and layout linked intelligence to detect associations, networks, patterns, and events through the integral visualization capability.
  • Quickly query and re-query repository as new information is added
  • Provides a flexible, low-cost deployment model
  • Reduces the time to deliver rich, actionable intelligence

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sixdotorange Screenshots

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