Anti Money Laundering and Fraud Detection Solution
RiskSecure DNA our state-of-the-art Anti Money Laundering and Fraud Detection solution, streamlines your detection,
monitoring and investigation operations has enabled financial institutions worldwide to monitor and
report suspicious activities related to money laundering and terrorist financing, preventing fines and reputational damage.
It is tailored for Mobile Money/Wallet, Insurance, banking industries. It seamlessly integrates with our RiskSecure
Intel Studio product for Operational Reporting.

The solution offers robust analytics in the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Transaction Analysis segments.
Its advanced versions use Smart Rules for pattern recognition of transactions. It extensively uses Smart Rules and provides
a wide array of predictive and early warning alerts. It comes with a powerful combination of proven Anti-fraud, Anti Money Laundering and business intelligence utilities

sixdotred Key Capabilities

  • Automated Alert Monitor
  • Easy to use GUI for adjusting rules and parameters
  • Comprehensive Case Manager and Workflow
  • Detailed Profile for alert investigation
  • Access to transactional data with a click of a button
  • Manual Case Entry functionality
  • Behavioural Monitor and Analysis for better profiling
  • Advanced Search function
  • Automated Watchlist Monitoring
  • Independent list creation
  • STR and Investigative Reporting
  • Rules-based processing capability that allows users to create and modify rules
  • Rule Engine processing component that applies the rules to transaction data
  • Case Creation Module that uses rule-based analysis, combined with the AML Risk Matrix score, to create cases
  • Workstation user interface for rule creation and validation

sixdotred Don’t let these risk close your busines

checkbox red Avoid a penalty due to non compliance
checkbox red How long will a $40 million fraud take to recovery if you have low profit margins
checkbox red Maximize staff productivity
checkbox red Reduce ongoing AML costs